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Welcome to O.E.T.

Oladiran Engineering and Trade Nigeria Limited is an Indigenous General Trading and Engineering Company established to create value added services to the Engineering, Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors of the Nation’s economy.

We are certified

OET Limited is an engineering/construction servicing company, focused on diversified engineering design, fabrication, construction and energy power supply. The company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, as a Limited Liability Company RC No. 455281

Why we stand out

We understand that providing competitive know-how and high knowledge skills in energy facilitiues


OET adheres to a set of guiding principles that address who we are. An integral art of these guiding principles is our commitment to set an example as a caring and responsible corporate citizen in our environment and around the world.


    we seek to operate scrupulously and ethically in accordance with all applicable views...
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    we have an established Health, Safety, Sevurity and Environment Department... [Read more]


    we care for people; we believe a good employer is essential to building and sustaining a profitable business... [Read more]

  • C.S.R.

    we seek to be good citizens, and good neighbors, in all places where we do business...

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Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment & Security (CASHES) Policy Statement

It is the philosophy of OET Nigeria Limited that accidents/ injuries are preventable and therefore should be avoided during operations at all cost. OET integrates safety procedures into the business plan and vigorously pursues all accident prevention programs through the well-structured and effective CASHES system.

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